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UKTC North East Taekwon-Do
With Mr William McElhone V

Telephone: 07971 818 282

UKTC North East Taekwon-Do

With Mr William McElhone V

Telephone: 07971 818 282

Taekwon-Do practice must begin and end with etiquette. It is important that we visibly show our respect and are willing to humble ourselves. This is what makes I.T.F. Taekwon-Do a true martial art. We should aim to adhere to the The Student Oath and Tenets of Taekwon-Do both inside and outside of the Dojang.

  • Bow upon entering or leaving the Dojang, showing respect for the place where we build our mind, body and spirit.
  • Arrive at least 10-15 minutes early for class. If class has started by the time you arrive, you will have to line up at the back if the Instructor permits your entry.
  • We should always stand up whenever the Instructor enters the Dojang (such as at the start of class) and bow as accordingly.
  • When class begins, students line up in belt order with highest ranking belt first on the right. Each row starts the same way. Stand at ease with hands behind your back and await for instruction.
  • We always bow to the Instructor upon lining up and also when being dismissed.
  • If you have to leave the class for any reason, seek permission first from your Instructor.
  • Idle chatter is prohibited in class. The student must focus and concentrate at all times.
  • Do not teach without permission from your Instructor.
  • In class: no eating, no gum chewing and no swearing/inappropriate language. Smoking and/or alcohol is banned.
  • We always bow to our partner before we practise together to show a sign of respect.
  • Address all Masters, Instructors and Black Belts by their last names (e.g. Mr [insert surname] or Miss [insert surname]) or address as  “Sir” or “Miss”. Never address your teacher by their first name.
  • Student must wear the official embroidered ITF Dobok in class. Beginners can train in a T-Shirt and loose bottoms but must wear a Dobok once they have decided to commit to training.
  • Always wear a clean Dobok whilst training in the Dojang. Treat your Dobok and belt with respect - these symbolise the sweat, tears and effort in your training.
  • Sleeves may not be rolled up in warmer conditions.
  • Belt must be tied appropriately. Ask your Instructor if you are not sure how to.
  • Remove all jewellery and watches prior to starting the class.
  • In the Dojang, if you need to adjust your Belt or your Dobok, bow to the front first and then always turn to your LEFT to make your adjustment. Then face front and bow again.
  • Try not to miss a class. Attend as many as you are able to.
  • Notify the Instructor if you will be absent from class for more than one week.
  • The Taekwon-Do handshake: place the back of your left hand under your right elbow, and bow.
  • Always give and receive from a senior using two hands. E.g. when being presented with a certificate from your Instructor.
  • Finally, train hard with an open mind!